June 1, 2017
August 9, 2017
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With an industry full of “personal trainers” “prep coaches” and even now “lifestyle coaches” it begs the question as to “who do you choose”
Well from my point of view I can see things from a slightly different angle. A personal trainer is not the person who can just push you to your limits, the person who can shout and scream at you to push on, they are not the person who preaches that his/her way is right and everyone else is wrong..

Dig a little deeper look for that person who has the knowledge to educate you, who searches for the way for you to reach that overall goal, look for that person who you would trust like a best friend, because behind each coach is a business model.

The one with the most qualifications is not necessarily the best, the one who shows 100’s of before and after photo’s are again not the best out there….

My advise would be to go and meet your coach/PT in person have a 30min chat, explaining your goals your current obstacles, explain why and set a budget, 1 session will not get you your overall goal but you are not a endless pot of money so have a budget and learn as much as possible in that time…

Your PT should become someone you can trust to be there even after you finish as a client…

Choose wisely, you don’t go to a garage and jump in the first car and buy it, you shop around and buy the one that YOU think is the best suited to YOUR needs…

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