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June 11, 2017
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October 27, 2017
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Earlier this year 2017; Mike was approached by two local professional Boxers; Josh & Kalam Leather aged 25 Twin brothers from Teesside.

The brothers are professional boxers under Frank Warren Promotions. They were in need of a new Strength and conditioning coach and nutritionist. A meeting was arranged with the boxers and Mike as they had seen a lot of Mike’s previous work with other professionals from Worlds Strong Men and Bodybuilders as well as local people/Clients and members of the gym.

After sitting and chatting about their goals and what they needed. Mike had asked them who they had been working with in the past and got an idea of what they had been doing regarding training a nutrition in their past camps in the lead up to a fight.

The boys had been been told by one nutritionist they had a “intolerance to carbs and the food intake was so low that during training they would struggle to keep their energy high and performance on point to stay strong they felt weak and tired.

Mike simply spent an hour or so evaluating there needs. He explained what would need to be done nutrition wise firstly to ensure he got the best out of the boxers if they were to work together. Mike calculated how many calories were burned during their exercise and day to day life. He made sure he knew this by telling them to wear a My Zone Belt which was to track the boy’s workouts each day.

After the food plan was set and kalam and josh were getting to grips with this, then came the training.

The first session was to see the boy’s strengths and weakness. As they were put through a week of steady training to begin and correct their form in most exercised the sessions were ramped up a notch the following weeks for the next 10 weeks.

Beach workouts, Strength based exercises, Speed and agility exercises and sprints were all part of the training. No stone was left unturned. Mike pre-planned each session maintaining focus on the end goal. What they had set out to achieve which was to both win their fights including a title fight ranking 15th in the world for Josh.

10 weeks of conditioning their bodies and ensuring strict training and the facilities utilized throughout the gym. Mike went out and bought equipment which he needed to go the extra mile such as parachutes, and a fully equipped training rigs and agility equipment.

The boys headed to Leeds first direct arena on 13th May 2017 to fight and was broadcast LIVE on Box Nation and BTSports.

Josh earned the IBF Inter-continental Champion Belt.

Kalam won his 2nd professional fight with flying colors.


Before the fight josh was tipped to lose due to his lack of power in comparison to his opponent, even the commentators on by sports mentions this, what they didn’t know is the boys were now in the hands of mike and josh stopped his opponent in round 6 after his power speed and technical ability was too much, the talk after the fight is how josh was so strong and powerful….

Both boxers made the weight perfectly, without cutting any calories, without dropping water or sweating it out, the boys eat all 6 meals on the day of the weigh in and it’s the first time they have ever been able to feel strong.

As Mike works specifically on nutrition and diet he has secured a supplement sponsorship deal for the boxers with reputable supplement brand QNT UK who Mike works closely with. It’s a 12 month sponsorship and Mike has also secured numerous other sponsorship’s to ensure they are in the best possible hands for upcoming fights this year.

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